Student Development

Student development programmed

To help students grow as singers and performers, the Student Development programmed was created;

  • to set goals and focus on their singing
  • to allow a benchmark against prior performances
  • give exposure to students of what happens on stage as a performer

The activities below are scheduled each year to especially help younger students with their development, and give purpose to lessons. It also provides a fun environment to use what they have learned. (see also – Singing Lessons for Children page)

Sharon makes herself available for all these activities for her regular students, arranges and attends concerts and recording sessions at no charge. The only fees payable are for venue rental or studio time, paid to those 3rd parties.


End of Term Concerts, is a Live performance session we have, its our own concert, run by us. These are usually FREE except when we hire a hall. This is the most friendly audience you can have, its all our friends and family coming along. No pressure and a great way to overcome and performance nerves in a supporting environment. You get to sing with Sharon’s support at the night, and with friends and family to cheer you on. If you are too nervous to try it alone, you can sing with one of our older students on stage to make it less scary.

See link below to book tickets to the next concert

Stars of Tomorrow Concert

Performances on Stage

The next great way to improve your Singing is to perform in front of a bigger Audience. We also have an afternoon session several times a year at Breezes in Twin Towns resort, Coolangatta. (and other club venues) They are a great crowd and the regulars there love seeing up and coming talent. A performance in front of 200+ people, really gets the adrenaline going, and everyone loves the feeling of that huge applause after. This is where you can get up and take your craft to the next level.

On Stage at Breezes – Twin Towns Club

Mini Spot
Mini Spots – These are when a student is featured at one of Sharon’s regular performances or at one of the clubs. These can be in front of 300-400 people. This is where you will prepare back stage, run through the music with the band, wait for your queue to walk on and get a real insight into performing as an artist. Sharon will attend to ensure that everything runs as planned.

Mini Spot – Kedron Wavell club

Creating a recording of your voice, can be a satisfying project. You will work toward a goal and a set date. This can help students progress as they have a deadline for an achievement, it helps with practice and focus. It is also a great learning experience of the what happens in a recording studio. There are several good studios on the coast that offer a reduced rate for editing and production of a CD for children, as low as $90 per song. They also will arrange short run production with album covers for each student. Sharon makes herself available for these sessions to ensure that students are in good voice on the day.