Singing Lessons via Skype

Enjoy all the benefits of Singing Lessons with Sharon, from the comfort of your own home.

A valid Skype User Id is all that is required (or Face Time for AppleMac users)

The lesson is performed as usual using the internet to connect, please ensure that you have ADSL2  or better, and an active connection returning 5mbps
This can be checked using the Free Speediest website


Methodology (from main Lessons Page )

At every Singing Lesson, there will be a method applied to structure the lesson;
  1. Assess – Diagnoses of you personal vocal needs
  2. Direct  – Exercises selected according to the cause and effect principle to direct the lesson to what you need in your voice
  3. Apply – An application of those techniques to a song of your choice
1. Vocal Assessment

In the first Singing Lesson, Sharon will ask to you to sing and will listen to your voice. She may then ask you to sing some scales to see how your voice reacts at different notes. This will then allow her to understand the different parts of your voice.

2. Give Direction

This is where you will do some scales, these serve to analyse your voice, and some exercises that may remedy the part of your voice that needs attention.
The exercise for children are often disguised as games or singing numbers, or just be an exercise.

3. Application in a Song

The fun part, singing a song, whilst applying what has been learnt during the “direction”. This is where you will see whether it made a difference.
The difference may be subtle, but may eliminate any hoarseness they may have had, or soreness after singing may be gone.