The story behind the studio


Sharon Rowntree Vocal Success Studios

A singing teacher for Singing Lessons on the Gold Coast – With more than 25 years experience in singing, NO voice is untrainable!

Sharon Rowntree is the driving force behind Vocal Success Studios delivering a revolutionary vocal training technique that maximizes your vocal abilities in any style of singing. From Opera to Rock; Jazz to Pop or R&B, recognized Performers are using this technique to perfect their vocal presence and empower their voices. Singing Lessons are available in Person at her Studio in Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast, or Via Skype.

Background Sharon has spent all of her life Singing, this drove her to explore and understand all the different techniques on offer. Her journey started with the same techniques used by Michael Jackson, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Taylor swift, Stevie Wonder and over 120 other Grammy award winners! At his studio in Los Angeles she was able to observe Seth teach and listen to one of the Top Vocal Coaches in the world.

Seth taught Barbara Streisand and Michael Jackson. His technique has been used by over 120 Grammy award winners. 
Sharon travelled to lessons with Seth Riggs in the USA for 4 years, and after joining his organization as teacher, was invited to work at their Summer Camp in LA. Sharon spent 10 years in the Speech Level Singing organization becoming the highest accredited teacher for them in Australia.
She was also appointed the Education Advisory Board Member representing Australia for Speech Level Singing (SLS), helping local teachers with workshops and arranging overseas guest teachers to visit and support the SLS group in Australia. ( Sharon achieved Level 4.5, of 5 Levels, in the SLS teacher community before leaving SLS.)

She explored a wider options and become involved with Singing Success founder Brett Manning. Visiting his studios in Texas and becoming, 
the first Accredited Brett Manning Associate Teacher in Australia. 

Since then she has also worked with the IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix) and was appointed-  Teacher Mentor for Australia

Her extensive travelling and study makes her well aware of the different approaches offered by teachers and schools and allows her to draw from these different approaches to find a solution to her students singing problems.

When Sharon in not teaching she works in her Show Dusty and the Divas

Presenting in voice and character the greatest hits from the 1960s, and 70s.

Sharon is joined on stage with her daughter Jessica . “We have a lot of fun with the show and enjoy being able to entertain and captivate our audiences,” Sharon said. The divas fast paced changes and glitzy gowns will leave patrons spellbound as they move across the stage and through the audience with an engaging smile and clever wit.

The Dusty and the Divas Show is more than just a tribute show. It has awesome songs, great laughs and a visual treat all rolled into one. In demand from Southern Victoria to Northern Queensland, in Huge Arts Centers & Theatres to Private and Corporate Functions, Sharon performs across the eastern seaboard. This performing keeps her in touch with the requirements of Live music and the demands of performing.