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Your place to arrange Singing Lessons on the Gold Coast or Vocal / Voice Coaching. Experienced in Flow Phonation, Speech Level Singing, Brett Manning Singing Success and able to cut through the jargon to make you sing better.

Welcome to Vocal Success Studios – Gold Coast Private Singing Lessons – Accredited Brett Manning Studio, and reseller for Singing Success

Sharon’s goal is to teach people to sing, from children through to adults. Students often live on the Gold Coast, but some also travel from Toowoomba and Brisbane as well as on skype. Singing Lessons backed by a Money Back Guarantee. Singing Lessons here on the Gold Coast by a world class teacher are now available. See our singing lessons pages for more information on singing lessons.
Singing is often difficult for people to learn as they try to overcome their fear of public scrutiny. Many Singers find that performing builds self confidence and self esteem. Singing well and in a healthy way will be explained to students, as it is important to look after your voice. Voice care has been highlighted by recent artists like Adele.

The purpose of singing lessons is to for the student to be able to sing the material they wish in the way they want. The creativity of the student should be encouraged to deliver the song their way. Sharon’s singing lessons enable the student to do more with the voice that they have. Please have a look at the Singing Lessons link and have a look at the journey some of my Students have taken to be a better singer.

Singing Lessons / Voice Tuition / Vocal Coaching / Private Singing Lessons – Questions, from new Students…

I can’t sing past a particular note, or my voice cracks, flips, or makes a straining sound.
I have been taking singing lessons and still can’t get past my first or second bridge.
If I sing at a gig the next day my throat gets dry, sore or feels hoarse.
I have been using Singing Success Online and need help understanding it.
I have t
o move my music up, or down a key for me to sing it.
I can only sing so high in my normal voice, then I go all light and have a “weaker” sound.
I love to sing, but I can’t control my voice, and I find it hard to pitch a note.
When I sing I can’t seem to get my vibrato under control.
I can sing all the high notes really easy, but when I come back down, I sound really breathy.
I can sing fine, but there are a few songs that I just can’t do it like the original artist.
I am working with exercises that are meant to “gently” extend my range, but I have muscles clenched up in my neck.

Many students come looking for answers to these and many similar questions, the good part is that help is available and YES you don’t have to put up with these problems. And you get a world class teacher here on the Gold Coast, check her “About” page to see Sharon’s journey and the efforts she has gone through to teach singing well.

What you won’t have to do.
In your singing lessons we expect you can Breathe – If you can talk, chances are you are breathing. There is importance in the way you breathe, but not lesson after lesson on posture, soft palate, supporting the breath, mask, and so on. Our focus is to improve your voice. Technique is important, but we will make it easy to understand and apply. (knowing the physics involved in hitting a ball, is not the same as being able to kick a ball)

Singing is fun, so have a look at my pages, read up on the journey I took, watch me sing and perform (My Dusty and the Divas Show), look me up on youtube (sharonrowntree)   and then come and see me for all the answers, and yes, you will sing a song at your lesson.

Sharon is a Gold Coast based singer herself, she understands the journey and can help you with yours. Sharon has taken singing lessons accross the USA with many of the best singing teachers in the world. American Idol winners and runners up, Grammy Award winners and recording artists have trained with these people, and this is where Sharon has gone to refine her craft. Although Sharon is a singing teacher she also believes in on-going education and takes singing lessons herself with Brett Manning and his wonderful Master coaches. Sharon regularly visits the US, and meets with US teachers on Skype,  to do further study.

See link for a Brett’s awesome Singing Success self help singing program. Sharon was in Nashville with Brett and recorded some Singing Success Online lessons. The program will help many singing students learn to sing better.

I highly recommend – MASTERING MIX – this program actually works! I have a copy myself and can help you understand how it applies to your voice.

Click on the logo, choose “Buy Now” and then and use the “programs” pull down menu to select a product and order.

Community …

Sharon regularly provides services to the local community, arranging Singers to perform at Christmas Carols around the coast, helping with teaching tips or helping out some local schools contesting on SEA FM’s Glee GC, and of course the DJ’s (Baggs and Galey) needed the most help 🙂

Singing Lessons at Xmas
Some of the Students who take Singing Lessons, singing Xmas carols at Runaway Bay Gold Coast Carols event Lions Club
Singing Lessons Stage
Singing on Stage
Singing Lesson On stage
Singing at Jupiters Backstage
Singing Lessons Jupiters
Singing Lessons Galey Matt Charlie
Singing Lessons Galey
Singing Lessons Galey
Singing Lessons Galey Matt
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