Singing Lessons

Finally a teacher that believes in herself enough to help you in your first lesson or its FREE.

You are not alone in your journey, Sharon spent many years learning from local and overseas teachers and saw little improvement, before discovering a simple yet effective way to sing better. The next 20 years she refined her craft and practices what she preaches. She is now available to teach you to sing - singing lessons on the Gold Coast.

Sharon teaches singing to children through to Adults, many of which have already learnt bad habits or have developed a fear of singing freely across their range, from low to high notes without "flipping" or "cracking". Sharon can teach you how to sing without pain, soreness or hoarseness. Singing Lessons are part of the journey to be a Singer - Please also read link to Student development...

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Singing Lessons for Children, tailoring specifically for younger students

At every Singing Lessson, there will be a method applied to structure the lesson;
  1. Assess - Diagnoses of your personal vocal needs
  2. Direct  - Exercises selected according to the cause and effect principle to direct the lesson to what you need in your voice
  3. Apply - An application of those techniques to a song of your choice
1. Vocal Assessment

In the first Singing Lesson, Sharon will ask you to sing and will listen to your voice. She may then ask you to sing some scales to see how your voice reacts at different notes. This will then allow her to understand the different parts of your voice.

2. Give Direction

This is where you will do some scales, these serve to analyse your voice, and some exercises that may remedy the part of your voice that needs attention.

The vocal exercises for children are often disguised as games so that the young student has fun whilst learning.

3. Application to a Song

This is where you will apply what your have learned to a song.  You may have found a particular exercise that has helped you find your vocal balance and apply it to the song.  You will then move towards singing the words to the song.  Sharon will then guide you to a practice schedule which will help you reach your vocal goals.


I had the pleasure of working with fellow IVTOM teacher Mathew Qeuk, and help Mentor him and fine tune some songs. So happy with the results, great Teacher that is open to learn little things that make a difference. Please enjoy. (He is Singapore based if you need a Teacher there)