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Sharon’s goal is to teach people to sing, from children through to adults. Singing Lessons here on the Gold Coast by a world class teacher are now available. Singing is often difficult for people to learn as they try to overcome their fear of public scrutiny. Many Singers find that performing builds self confidence and self esteem. Singing well and in a healthy way will be explained to students, as it is important to look after your voice. Voice care has been highlighted by recent artists like Adele. The purpose of singing lessons is to for the student to be able to sing the material they wish in the way they want. The creativity of the student should be encouraged to deliver the song their way. Sharon’s singing lessons enable the student to do more with the voice that they have. Please have a look at the Singing Lessons link and have a look at the journey some of my Students have taken to be a better singer.



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Singing Lessons for Children

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Teaching Children to sing

Sharon specialises in teaching children to sing.
We have lessons designed specifically for children.

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Student Development

To help students grow as singers and performers, the Student Development programme was created;

On stage

Sharon encourages students to perform, and test what they have learnt.
As such, Sharon arranges venues and performances for her students.

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Vocal Success for children of all ages ”

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Student Activities

Stars of Tomorrow
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Bootcamp Rehearsals

Performance Workshops



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